Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located?
We can be found at:

14 Brassey Parade
Hampden Park
BN22 9NG

It's next door to the Tesco, close to Hampden Park train station.
How do I book?
Booking is right here through the website. You choose the type of session you want, and you can then choose a date and time to book. Start the process Here
How many Children can I Bring?
This depends on how well they can swim. All but one need to be able to confidently swim ten meters unaided by people or floats.

For example if you have three children aged 1,6 and 8 - and the two older kids can swim confidently, you can bring all three.

Please be aware that we don't have a lifeguard. Our sessions are small - it's possible you might be completely alone in the pool, so you need to be totally confident you can take care of your children on your own.

For Groups, again t depends if the children can swim 10 meters unaided by floats.
- If they cannot, ratio is 1 Adult to 1 Child
- If they can, ratio is 1 Adult to between 3 and 5 Children
Note that adults must be in the water to count in this ratio.
Can i bring Spectators?
Yes, although please be aware that it’s very hot in the pool room and it is standing space only.
Can I Book a Swimming Lesson
The pools are used by a number of swim schools who offer swimming lessons. You'll need to book directly with them. To find out which schools use the pool, look for our list of partners here: Find a Session

Meanwhile if you'd like to just come and have a swim, or rent the whole pool for yourself, you can do so from this website.
Can I just turn up without Booking?
Yes... but ...

Using our website you can make a booking for same day, as little as 15 minutes before the session. The benefit of doing this is that you know exactly what time you'll get in the water, and know it's available. Because we run very specific sessions, there may be times when you are not allowed in - for example if we've got an Adults only session running and you want to bring kids. It's therefore always best to book online, even if it's just before you leave home to visit us.

However - you're more than welcome to just turn up, and our receptionist will look for the next suitable session and book you onto it. They'll do exactly the same as you would do yourself through the website.

If you don't want to pay online using a credit/debit card and would rather pay cash or in store, you can still book online - you need to do so within the hour. We will hold a booking for you for up to one hour, and you can pop in and pay for it.
I need to Cancel or Move my Session
You can do so on the website. Once logged in, visit Here
How long is a session?
A normal session is 30 minutes. This is the recommended time in toasty warm 34 degree water.
Can Baby swim before Immunisations?
Yes! This is an 'old wives tale'.

To read the government guidance
Click here
Can I swim for longer than 30 minutes
Yes! Our diary is arranged into 30 minute sessions, but there's no reason you can't attend two in a row. If you're a member you can do this as a part of your membership at no extra cost.

The toasty 34 degree water means you can overhead and dehydrate if you stay in a long time, so if you are staying for a double session we strongly recommend drinking plenty of water during and after the session. Always follow medical advice if you are concerned.
What are your opening Hours?
Opening hours vary every day. Best to look directly at our booking system on

If the date and time you prefer isn't currently open, please get in contact to let us know.
Does my baby need special nappies?
Yes, You will need two special nappies. The first is a swim nappy - you need these because a normal nappy will swell up in water. Most people use Huggie's little swimmers which are available in most places. Secondly you need a neoprene over nappy, this will stop the nappy leaking if an accident happens. Google "swim nappies neoprene" to see some examples. Once we've got our shop up and running we'll sell all of these, but not yet i'm afraid.
What are your pool chemicals?
Our pools run Chlorine to keep them save. We run the very latest technology that computer controls both the chlorine level and the pH. This means that chlorine is micro-dosed during the day to demand rather than a large amount being dumped in.
Can I book a Birthday Party?
We love birthday parties at the Blue Lagoon Centre!

Read all about our parties Here
Do you have a Hoist?
I’m afraid we don't have a hoist. We are currently researching if we can get a grant to install one.

The rest of the centre is very disabled friendly with wide corridors, gentle ramps, disabled toilets and disabled reception desk.

We welcome people with many disabilities, but those unable to go up and down the pool steps without a hoist will not be able to use the pools currently.

If you are uncertain please get in contact with us and we can arrange a one to one appraisal of suitability for you.
How much is a carer for a disabled person?
If the disabled person is an adult, they pay the disabled price and then the carer is free.
If the person is a child of any age, then the carer can use the disabled rate for themselves and then the extra child price for the disabled child.
Do you offer 1:1 lessons for Autistic Children?
Yes we do. You will need to private hire one of our pools, and we can then arrange a teacher for you. Private hire price can be found on the price list. We are able to put you in contact with a teacher who has specialist skills in teaching children with autism and their rate is £30 per half hour.
These sessions can be shared with a sibling or friend.
Can I swim with jewlery?
We won’t stop you, but you should be aware that chlorine can accelerate tarnishing of metals. Some are more prone to it than others. For example Pandora specifically recommend against swimming with any of their products. Blue lagoon does not accept any liability should you choose to swim with jewelery.
Help! I haven't answered my question!
Drop us a line to and we'll do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible. We usually reply within a couple of hours.